About Daniel

I’ve been taking photos since I was 8 years old, and professionally since I was 20 in my NYC studio and on location. I’ve photographed everything from a copper mine in New Mexico to corporate executives in NYC to diamond jewelry to fancy food and cosmetics, environmental portraits and annual reports, catalogs and advertising. There’s almost nothing I haven’t photographed in my career and I welcome the challenge and opportunity of telling your story through photography and in capturing your essence in a portrait.

When I’m not working I’m dancing (Nia is my favorite dance class) and riding horses (forever a newby)  and taking hikes in the beautiful New Mexican high desert around Santa Fe and playing tennis.

I love museums, reading Pendergast novels, listening to all kinds of music and attending dance concerts.

I love people! I love when people see me for my talents and passions…and I’ve experienced that most people want to be seen as well.  I love the individuality of each of us and believe that we each have a story to tell and an energy and passion that we want to show the world.

My joy is to capture that story, passion, and essence and translate it into a portrait that really captures your individual spirit or the love between your partner, friend, horse, pet or family.

Companies also have individuality. In our meeting together I find out what your company’s story and mission are, and translate that into visual imagery that tells the story of your brand. Check out my branding stories section  here:  https://danielquatphoto.com/branding-photography/

What is the Quat Photography Experience?

A unique photographic experience that is fun, personal and professional. I listen carefully to your photography needs and design a memorable session with imagery that captures your essence, or tells your company’s story.

I’m eager to meet you!