Headshots: Capturing your Essence in Professional Portrait

You need a head shot for your professional social media page, your resume, your acting portfolio, your book jacket or your website right?  What should you be looking for in a head shot? Do you want a head shot that captures your essence? That shows your professionalism; your confidence, your passion, your handsome or beautiful face? I've been photographing business people, actors, and just plain folks for over 30 years and I know i can capture your essence.

A headshot session differs from a portrait session, in that it is a simple head and shoulders photo usually on a plain gray, black or white background, or occasionally a closeup on location with a varied background, that shows the person in a relaxed demeanor...Usually with a minimum of makeup...full head and shoulders--usually uncropped. You can have a hair and makeup artist present to insure you look your best as an option.  In contrast a full portrait session includes several changes of clothing, a standard headshot, and 3/4 length style or full length as well, plus may have more gesturing with your hands or body.

For a more comprehensive session, go with a portrait session. (See my portraits page). For a simple headshot, this is your most economical way to go.

Contact me to find out how we can make that happen. I look forward to meeting you for your free Headshot consultation.