Coaching Testimonials

“What an amazing day! What an incredible photo coach you are. I’m just thrilled with the results. Can’t thank you enough.” – Elishia Tucker

“Both Mark and I were super impressed with your professional knowledge and how well you organized the session.  Even more impressive, however, was your ability to communicate what you see and look for creatively in a shot. The contrast between what we shot before our session and afterwards are pretty dramatic, lemme tell ya!  You are a miracle worker, and so encouraging, yet clear in your instruction.  We learned volumes!  I even learned how to be a better subject (aka ‘model’).” – Mark and Kate Wood

“Daniel is an amazing mentor. He is incredibly kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable about all things photographic! Our time together always flies by! I have learned so much from Daniel and I am very thankful that he is coaching me.” – Josh Zimber, 16 year old high school student and photographer

“Josh has flourished under Daniel’s heartfelt and very professional ‘wings’. Daniel brings compassion and warmth in his coaching, alongside direct feedback that is helping Josh to mature and be more accountable. His time with Daniel is something he looks forward to greatly and he comes home feeling inspired and appreciative for the knowledge and experience that he is gaining through Daniel. Having a coach like Daniel is such a great thing for a teenager… its been a real ‘plus’ for our whole family to have Josh learning and thriving!” – Julie Zimber (Josh’s mother)

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