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Wes and Maura Studi at home in Santa Fe

Wes and Maura opened up their hearts and home to me a few years ago and here are some of those photos and some recollections about that wonderful day in Santa Fe on their ranch.
I had the good fortune to meet and photograph the Academy award winning actor Wes Studi and his award winning screen play writer wife, Maura Studi in their Santa Fe home  for an article for TREND magazine about ‘Wes and Maura and their home.’   Their home is warmly decorated with awards, art works and pottery gifts from many friends.  Stuff hanging from the rafters…I wanted it to be very personal so I asked Wes “What kind of things do you like to do?”  Turns out he trains Tiger Horses so we went out for a ride and I photographed him riding the Tiger Horse that he was still training. “What else?” I inquired…”Well my wife, Maura and I have a band. ” So we photographed them playing and singing together. He had some beautiful guitars…custom made for him.  “What else do you do in your spare time”, I asked. “I love to bake pies,” he replied. Who knew he was a gourmet fruit pie maker? So I photographed him baking a pie. “What do you do with the pies?” I asked. “We invite friends over for a friendly poker game,” he replied. So why not plan a friendly poker game we can photograph…Which we did. “Anything else you can think of?”  “Wanna watch me shoot darts like I did in AVATAR?”.  “Yes indeed!” I enthusiastically replied.  It was a fabulous day and I was so moved that Wes and Maura opened up their home to me. Thank you guys!!