Still Life Portfolio

Here’s my still life portfolio from my time in NYC a few years back. Some of the images are a bit dated, but I hope you can see the basic lighting and composition skills here represented. Of course today, my skills have grown more sophisticated but I thought showing where I came from would be helpful to some potential clients and to my current photography clients. (Please note that the Cocoa related shots were art constructions created by Myra McKenzie with my assistance.)

Still Life Photography

Cocoa constructions by Myra McKenzie


Harvest Still Life
Fruit on Plate

Coffee and chocolate

Harvest Corn and Squash on Plate

Cup of Tea

Champaign and Strawberries

Pretzles and Beer

Disguised Champaign Tasting 

Johnny Walker’s Ghost

Charbaut & Fils Champagne

Cuervo and limes

Men’s Cologne Monograph

L’air du Temps

Lauren by Lauren Cologne

Brush your teeth

Gold Thread Rugs from Rosin and Rosin, NYC.

Table Leg

Boot and Laser Lasso

Amex Credit Card 1984

Stereo with Lasers-Kenwood 1980’s

Mystery Wine Tasting

Maxell–first Laser Optical Disk

Fiber Optics and Headphones

Equalizer floating on Laser lights 1984

Technika Stereo 1984

Pink Champagne and Blossoms

Last drop of Wine

Glass on Black Plexi