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Santa Fe Dressage July 13-14, 2019 at Hipico in Santa Fe – Signup for Photography

Once again Daniel Quat Photography is pleased to offer photographic packages of your rides during the Santa Fe Dressage Event July 13-14, 2019 at Hipico in Santa Fe, NM.

Here’s what one rider said about her experience:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Quat at a horse show in Santa Fe. Most event photographers are direct to the point of being rude and hasty in their shots… not Daniel! He took the time to ask me to ride a certain direction so he could get a beautiful shot that illustrated the connection between me and my horse. I loved the shot and bought it! Not only can he artfully capture moments, but he can do one hell of a job editing. He took unwanted boxes out of the background and made the shots overall much cleaner to look at. He quickly responded (even when I didn’t!). He went above and beyond. I received three fully edited, focused, beautifully shot moments in time for the same rate I normally pay for one, un edited event picture (that usually isn’t even well taken). I would happily recommend Daniel’s services to anyone. I plan on booking him in the spring and already have a list of clients that are going to do the same. Thank you!!! I am so impressed and happy with your work!”  – Ashleigh Willems

Basic packages include 3 high resolution images (12x12x300dpi) with additional images available for $25 each. Please enquire about a portrait session with your horse as well.

  • Pay on or before July 8, 2019: $95.00
  • Pay on or before July 11, 2019: $105.00
  • Pay after July 11, 2019: $115.00

Simply email them both to: Daniel@danielquatphoto.com.

If you prefer to call in the credit card you may do so: 505-982-7474.

I look forward to capturing your ride on July 13-14.


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