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Beautiful chairs designed and built by Rob Wing!!

Santa Fe’s own Robert Wiing found me on the internet and wanted to know if I would shoot some chairs he had made…Would I, with pleasure??  When I saw these I was almost drooling. They are gorgeous!! I loved pulling out the wood grain, types of wood and various planes that were combined to create these amazing pieces of furniture. (I employed a polarizer filer to keep the reflections of the white backdrop off the chairs.) Nikon D 850 was the camera.

This from Rob’s website in the works….

“There are few straight lines in my work.  Each chair is a sculpted invitation to comfort. 
The child’s rockers are my own design, the Adult rockers are modifications of Sam Maloof’s graceful, organic creations.  In either case, my process is always an evolving response to the material at hand. I work in North American hardwoods and each chair combines contrasting wood types. Eyes and hands behold and respond. Choices evolve and the result is always a unique creation.”

Rob Wing can be reached at rwing3@gmail.com or 505-490-9003