Pet Photography

Pet Photography: Capturing in timeless photos your pet’s personality and soul, and their loving connection to you, their best friend.

You love your critters. They’re your friends and companions. They’re your teachers; they’re your children . Let Daniel Quat Photography capture your special moments with these family members.…I can photograph your animals by themselves or in images that reflect your loving relationship to them. Please contact me to discuss your pet’s portrait.


Pet Photography Testimonials

“Daniel is awesome! I was blessed to have Daniel photograph my daughter, dog and cats over the years. His photos really capture their unique spirit, beauty and essence and remind me of how much I love them. The photos are a real gift to me.” --Eileen Sanderson, Melenville, NY.

“One of the unexpected pleasures of my photo shoot with Daniel was that he also captured a gorgeous image of my (now deceased) dog. It is one of the few photos I have of Tuckup that show his buoyant spirit and his true personality. Black dogs are hard to photograph, and Daniel's experience and expertise demonstrated what a true professional he is. The photo of us is one of my favorites and I'll treasure it.” --Kelly Koepke, Santa Fe, NM.

"Daniel's assignment was to photograph "a boy and his dog" for a collage. The "dog" was Zen, our perpetual-motion border collie, and the "boy" was John, Zen's alpha. Daniel was an absolute magician, capturing beautiful moments with Zen and John interacting. Thank you, Daniel!" --Polly Dement, Santa Fe, NM.

"Daniel made the experience of creating a photo collage of my sweet beloved Ruby totally enjoyable for me and my dog! We all had fun doing it, and the end result is very special.l!" --Sandra Levine, Santa Fe, NM.