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Studio Photo Shoot with a Dancer

Kelle wanted a photo shoot with drama, shadows and light, merging of her clothing with the backdrop…something dramatic and pensive that reflected her internal landscape…Shooting on black seemless paper gave us some separation but not too much. Quite a challenge right? Well I decided to light this with broad side strip lights. Nikon D-850 camera with a Nikon 70-300 mm lens…She and I were so pleased with the results. Over a 4 hour studio shoot, she changed outfits including some that were very revealing….Her poses I thought were iconic. We discussed Steichen’s photos of Isadora Duncan and the work of Richard Avedon and the iconic photos of Martha Graham by Barbara Morgan.  This is a touch of what we photographed together. Hope you like them. (Kelle Rae Oien is a world renown Nia Trainer and 2nd degree Black Belt instructor residing in Santa Fe NM. Co-Owner of Studio Nia Santa Fe)

From Kelle: “Look what Daniel Quat and I did last weekend! Thank you Daniel for the shoot I’ve been dreaming up with you for the last year. I love the reflection that Daniel captured of my inner landscape. I’m so grateful! He is so patient and creative…I got what I dreamed.”