Lisa and Julie take the plunge from Utah to Santa Fe to get married legally!

Lisa and Julie had been a couple for over 18 years when they decided to come to Santa Fe to get married. The found Pat Murphy as officiant who referred them to me to do their photography. The location was the LODGE of Santa Fe on North Saint Francis Drive. The Lodge has a beautiful small chapel which made the perfect venue for the two women, two dogs (dressed in tux and dress too), and 2 witnesses. These women made beautiful brides and we struck up a friendship that will last a lifetime I’m sure. Utah just approved same sex marriages. Luck for me they hadn’t done so in April.  “Highly highly recommended! Daniel is an amazing photographer… He photographed our wedding in Santa Fe were he made use both feel so comfortable…he’s a true artist…his attention to detail is unbelievable.” julie j.










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