Horse Photography

Horse Photography: Photography that reflects your horse’s unique personality and strengths.

Horses are magnificent creatures: graceful, beautiful, powerful and intelligent. They can teach us about ourselves if we tune into them and understand how they behave and respond to the world… I love riding and being around horses and I’m developing my own deep connection to them. Photographing your horse would be an honor and privilege for me. Be it a hunter/jumper show, a dressage event, or photos to sell your horse or more intimately illustrate your love and connection to your favorite equine companion....Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how we can best show your relationship to your horse be it in a portrait together or a portrait of them solo.

Horse Photography Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Quat at a horse show in Santa Fe. Most event photographers are direct to the point of being rude and hasty in their shots... not Daniel! He took the time to ask me to ride a certain direction so he could get a beautiful shot that illustrated the connection between me and my horse. I loved the shot and bought it! Not only can he artfully capture moments, but he can do one hell of a job editing. He took unwanted boxes out of the background and made the shots overall much cleaner to look at. He quickly responded. He went above and beyond. I received three fully edited, focused, beautifully shot moments in time for the same rate I normally pay for one, un edited event picture (that usually isn't even well taken). I would happily recommend Daniel's services to anyone. I plan on booking him in the spring and already have a list of clients that are going to do the same. Thank you!!! I am so impressed and happy with your work!"  – Ashleigh Willems, Equestrian

“Daniel Quat has the innate talent to capture people and horses in photographic imagery. He worked with ‘Riders of the Sage’ and both Snickers (my therapy horse) and the participants accepted his non-intrusive presence. He was easy to work with and delivered great results.” – Jane Davis, LMSW

"Daniel is so much fun and easy to work with. He has a great eye to capture amazing moments with my horses!" - Erlene Seybold-Smythe, Roy-El Farm Trainer/Instructor

"Photos by Daniel Quat of my trail horse Socorro and pack horse Concho provide me some of my most valued memories of our time on the trail together." - Eldon Reyer, Reyer Ranch, Lamy, NM.

"Working with Daniel was a great experience. He not only made me feel comfortable, but my horse Bogart as well. I'm thrilled with the photographs that he took in the orchard at Roy-El Farm. I'll be very excited to work with him again!" - Sofia Frontiere