Eugene Smith: Minamata 1972

Photos that have inspired me: Minamata 1972  Eugene Smith, (1918-1978) was an American photojournalist who documented WWII, and was known for his powerful photo essays which were often published in Life Magazine. He also worked with Magnum photo agency. The … Continue reading

Weston: Cabbage Leaf 1931, and Excusado 1925

Photographs that have inspired me:   Edward Weston (1886-1958) belonged to the influential Group F/64 which began in 1932 and which advocated the use of pure photography without any manipulation or altering of the images through special effects, diffusion filters … Continue reading

Cunningham: Magnolia Blossom 1925

Photos that have inspired me: IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM (1883-1976) Magnolia Blossom, 1925 This amazing image of a magnolia blossom made in 1925, which has become the iconic image of the subject, inspired me in its beauty, simplicity, clarity and purity. Cunningham … Continue reading

Matisse by Capa

Matisse in his Studio, Nice, France 1949 by Robert Capa. (Robert Capa: 10/22/1913 – 5/25/1954 famous war photographer and founder of magnum, died at 41 when he stepped on a land mine in Spain.)  In August 1949 Capa photographed Henri Matisse in his … Continue reading

Frozen Food by Penn

Photos that have inspired me: Frozen Food by Irving Penn, 1977. (Irving Penn: 1917-2009) Although Irving Penn will long be remembered for his iconic celebraity and fashion photogarphs for Vogue Magazine, he produced a beautiful and creative series of photos … Continue reading

Nudes by Bill Brandt

  Photographs that have inspired me:   Bill Brandt-nudes-1952-1953 (Bill Brandt: 1904-1983)  These two nudes by Bill Brandt opened up a new way of seeing the human form to me. This British photographer made these stark images of two different … Continue reading

Casals by Karsh:

 Photographs that have inspired me.   Pablo Casals by Yousuf Karsh (1954)I’ve been looking at fine art photography for over 50 years since I was a child. This portrait of Casals by Yousuf Karsh, (1908-2002) a Canadian who was arguably … Continue reading

Stravinsky by Newman

Photographs that have influenced me: This week, I’m looking at a photograph of Igor Stravinsky seated at his piano made by Arnold Newman (1918-2006) in 1946. Newman’s daring crop of the image opened up my mind to step out of the … Continue reading