Artists in Motion

Artists in Motion: Capturing Dancers and other Movement Professionals (Yogis and Musicians)

Preserve in imagery your creative process and the passion you feel - whether you're a dancer, musician, actor or artist. I will translate your artistic intensity, enthusiasm, commitment and ardor into a visual image worthy of your talent. I can create a slide show that will convey the movement and excitement of your work.

Are you ready to reveal your passion in photos? Contact me to discuss how we can show your brilliance to the world!

Artists in Motion Testimonials

"Working with Daniel Quat was a delight! I asked Daniel to produce photographs for my website. From the beginning, he had a sense of what 'look' I was going for, and he knew how to draw it out of me. I always felt comfortable working with Daniel, and was consistently impressed by his enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity. He is an artist, and settles for nothing less than fabulous! He is my Santa Fe Photographer!" - Kelle Rae Oien, Nia Black Belt Instructor

 "As Daniel and I worked through different ideas, he came to understand me as an artist, and what elements he could best evoke for the camera. His encouragement and guidance actually were tools that freed me to explore my expressivity." - Megan Reisel, Registered Movement Therapist

 "Thank you Daniel Quat for your generosity as an artist and as a humanist!" - Rulan Tangen, Founder and Choreographer for Dancing Earth

"I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Daniel Quat. He is one of the best, most professional photographers I've ever known. My experience with him was fun, creative and energizing. I recommend him highly!" - Viktoria Shushan, artist and yoga teacher 

"Thank you Daniel for seeing me and capturing me. You are brilliant. Look forward to more. This is such a gift." - Chloe Goodwin, 5 Rhythms teacher

"Daniel Quat is the ultimate professional and artist. His knowing, kind and transformative ways of inviting his clients to step-in and be themselves in front of the camera is inspiring. Daniel sees the inner and outer beauty in every client and calls it forth in loving and playful ways. The beauty in his work is most definitely a reflection of the beauty in him." - Diane Kennedy, Life Coach

"Thanks so much for your time, talent, and commitment to Nia in Santa Fe! You continue to bring the light of the practice and of us teachers to life through your artful eye. It was such a fun night!!!" - Sarah Weiler, Nia Teacher

"Daniel's excellence in photographer shines through in every image… My needs were around photos representing me personally and as a business professional. Being a little camera shy, i was rather anxious about the shoot. Daniel did a FABULOUS job of putting me at ease and creating an experience that was both creative and pleasurable. The photos were so much more than I ever expected. His patience with a reluctant subject was invaluable. The reviews from others viewing these photos are over the top. Thanks, Daniel... we'll do it again sometime!" - Jamie Klein, Nia Black Belt Teacher

"An Artist's Eye! I really enjoyed working with Daniel on this project. He moved through my studio with his camera and captured a sense of my world that really reflects me. As an artist, I like the way he notices things that most people miss. I look forward to working with him in the future!" - Lisa Smith, Ceramic Artist

"Oh my God, that is I cannot even find the words. Your Santa Fe photographic magic has truly come through...Really kool!...Thank u thank u thank u...I love it. Wow...incredible...Cannot wait for our next time.” - Randy Miller, Nia Black Belt Instructor

"Wow, that's pretty cool. A lot of pictures. I had forgotten that you had sound from me. It’s great. That's amazing to have a video on youtube. Thanks so much for putting this together. I put it on facebook and also my blog, which I love." - Geoffrey Gorman, Sculptor

"You see beauty and know how to expand it in ways others can see. Keep bringing it out!" - Carlos Rosas, Co-Founder Nia