Peruvians at Golindrinas

This past  summer (2013), I spent an afternoon at Golindrinas in Santa Fe, watching the Peruvian horses in formation. Here’s a taste of that afternoon…(Photos are unretouched)   … Continue reading

Carlos, the magnificent!

HorseAroundNewMexico, an equine publication, wanted a cover photograph of a Stallion for their Jan 2014 issue. I drove up to Espanola late in the fall and photographed Carlos at The Roy-El Morgan Farm. “Roy-El Grand Opening” or Carlos, his barn … Continue reading

Ari, struts his stuff!

One morning this past fall (2013), I had the pleasure of meeting Ari who’s a magnificent Gelding Friesian who was boarding at Roy-El Morgan Farm in Espanola NM. He pranced around for me in all his beauty. Such a show … Continue reading

Horses in the apple orchard

Spent an hour with Erlene Seybold and her amazing horses at the Roy-El Morgan Ranch in Espanola during the fall (2013). She let me pick out my favorite horses to photograph and she and Nichole Twigg ran them around the … Continue reading