One Billion Rising

These Photos were taken on Valentines Day 2013 at the Round House in Santa Fe, NM.  About 800 people turned out to speak out and raise consciousness about violence and sexual abuse of women and girls in the world. I … Continue reading

Matisse by Capa

Matisse in his Studio, Nice, France 1949 by Robert Capa. (Robert Capa: 10/22/1913 – 5/25/1954 famous war photographer and founder of magnum, died at 41 when he stepped on a land mine in Spain.)  In August 1949 Capa photographed Henri Matisse in his … Continue reading

Frozen Food by Penn

Photos that have inspired me: Frozen Food by Irving Penn, 1977. (Irving Penn: 1917-2009) Although Irving Penn will long be remembered for his iconic celebraity and fashion photogarphs for Vogue Magazine, he produced a beautiful and creative series of photos … Continue reading

Nudes by Bill Brandt

  Photographs that have inspired me:   Bill Brandt-nudes-1952-1953 (Bill Brandt: 1904-1983)  These two nudes by Bill Brandt opened up a new way of seeing the human form to me. This British photographer made these stark images of two different … Continue reading

Casals by Karsh:

 Photographs that have inspired me.   Pablo Casals by Yousuf Karsh (1954)I’ve been looking at fine art photography for over 50 years since I was a child. This portrait of Casals by Yousuf Karsh, (1908-2002) a Canadian who was arguably … Continue reading

Stravinsky by Newman

Photographs that have influenced me: This week, I’m looking at a photograph of Igor Stravinsky seated at his piano made by Arnold Newman (1918-2006) in 1946. Newman’s daring crop of the image opened up my mind to step out of the … Continue reading

Bolshoi by Capa

 Photographs that have inspired me:  Bolshoi Ballet School, Moscow, 1958  CORNELL CAPA (1918-2008) This photograph, made by LIFE staff photographer and founder of the International Center of  Photography, Cornell Capa, is perhaps the quintessential ballet photograph, The photo captures the … Continue reading

Satiric Dancer by Kertesz

Photographs that have inspired me: The Satiric Dancer: 1926 by Andre Kertesz: (1894-1985) In this photo by Andre Kertesz, one of the greatest 20th century photographers, the dancer mimics the angles in the sculpture with a whimsical expression on her … Continue reading

Charis by Edward Weston

Photographs that have inspired me: “Charis, Lake Ediza” by Edward Weston, 1937. (Weston: 1886-1958) Charis Wilson was 19 when she met the venerable photographer Edward Weston who was 48 years old. Wilson became Weston’s muse and eventually his wife. He … Continue reading

Sifnos by Cartier Bresson

Photographs that have inspired me: Sifnos, Greece, 1961  by Henri Cartier-Bresson HENRI CARTIER–BRESSON (1908-2004), often considered the father of modern day photojournalism began his career in photography in the mid 1930’s using a Leica 35mm camera and a 50mm lens almost … Continue reading